Elevated Event Art

Kristen Kieckhaefer (pronounced KEY-kay-fur) is a Milwaukee-based creator who specializes in crafting custom live art-making performances for a variety of events.

Kristen pivoted into the entertainment industry after 7 years as an art teacher. During that time span, she taught every age, from elementary to high school, and offered classes including AP Art History, Painting, Drawing, and Special Education Arts (see her full class list and work history here).

Kristen’s vocational transition from educator to entertainer came about through a series of happy coincidences and saying yes to split-second opportunity. She is passionate about living adventurously and is excited to see where this new path takes her!

Beyond creating beautiful art, Kristen is passionate to create an inviting space for each guest. On a practical level, that means she welcomes interruptions in the form of questions, comments, and conversations during the art-making process. For Kristen, the finished artwork is not an end in itself, but rather its process can serve as a powerful tool that can connect us with ourselves and one another. 

When she’s not making live art, you can find Kristen singing and playing ukulele and piano (update: she’s releasing her debut album – see it here), creating personal artwork (see it here), rock climbing, spending quality time with family and friends, and hanging with her two cats, Ember and Willow.

Photo credit: Paul Hanon with Premier Headshots

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