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90-minute drawing event for corporate event

This 20×25″ drawing event was created in under 90 minutes for a private Northwestern Mutual drawing event at St. Kate Hotel in Milwaukee. The drawing, completed on gray paper using white chalk and black drawing pencils, showcases an image of the Northwestern Mutual headquarters building and the iconic Milwaukee sculpture, The Calling by artist Mark di Suvero.

45-minute painting for networking event

In March 2020, Kristen was invited to create a live speed painting for the Milwaukee chapter of eWomenNetwork. Her goal was to create a piece that embodied the purpose and values of eWomen.  The final image shows women dancing up a mountain, stressing the importance of reaching up and below to accomplish the goal together while having some fun. After completing the painting, she discussed its meaning with the large group. Photo credit Becca Lee Photography

25-minute speed painting for virtual event

In May 2020, Kristen created a 25-minute speed painting for the Milwaukee Art Museum as part of their monthly MAM After Dark events. Because the virtual event theme was “spring fling,” Kristen selected a nature theme set within Milwaukee (spoiler alert: the image is from McKinley Beach). During her performance, Kristen created teaching moments by walking the audience through her artistic decisions on color and form. Watch the video here (Kristen’s section begins around hour 2).

45-minute speed painting for virtual live music event

In June 2020, Kristen teamed up Milwaukee musician Michael Neumeyer and Wisconsin Music Ventures to put on a virtual event. For 45-minutes, Michael played a variety of songs on marimba while Kristen created a painting that captured the feel and mood of the music. 

leisurely portrait drawings for lobby entertainment

These 18×24” drawings of Giannis Antetokounmpo and Christian Yelich were created over the course of a few weeks in the lobby area at St. Kate the Arts Hotel in downtown Milwaukee in 2019. During the duration of the performance, onlookers were able to initiate conversation and ask Kristen questions. The original Giannis photograph can be found here and Yelich’s photo was taken by Morry Gash.

45-minute marker drawing for corporate event

In September of 2019, Kristen created a 45 minute live marker drawing event during the cocktail hour of Bradley Corporation senior leadership event at Saint Kate Hotel in downtown Milwaukee. What began as an outline of the logo turned into an original piece of art reflecting the company’s theme: water.

24-minute painting for corporate event

Created in a little over 20 minutes, this 30×40″ painting honors Saint Kate The Arts Hotel in downtown Milwaukee. Kristen’s performance was specifically crafted for a private event hosting Marcus executives from around the country who got to experience the hotel for the first time. It was created in August 2019.


“Our corporate executive group very much enjoyed Kristen’s custom live painting performance. Her interaction with the group while painting allowed us to engage with her, as well as talk amongst ourselves as we watched. She also chose a scene that ... unveiled itself to us as she painted. We all appreciated this unique experience as part of our group event.”
Andrea Foster
Senior Vice President of Development, Marcus Hotels & Resorts

90-minute drawing event for gala

In October 2019, Kristen had the privilege of creating live art for the Social Development Foundation Legacy Gala at Saint Kate The Arts Hotel, honoring the life of Ben Johnson. Mr. Johnson became the first African American Milwaukee Common Council President in 1971, and dedicated his entire life empowering Milwaukee communities in poverty. Kristen was asked to draw a realistic pencil portrait of Mr. Ben Johnson in 90 minutes. She later presented him with the finished artwork. 

60-minute painting for non-profit fundraiser

Created in October 2019 for the Hope Street Ministry 20th anniversary fundraiser at The Pritzlaff, this painting was created in about an hour, and inspired by the theme for the evening: John chapter 15 in the Bible. The first 90% was painted during cocktail hour, where Kristen interacted with guests. She then finished the last 10% on stage and discussed the meaning and symbolism with the audience.


"Kristen shared her talent as a speed painter at Hope Street’s Family Reunion Fundraiser. Not only did she create a beautiful painting, but she shared how the heart behind her painting connected to Hope Street. Kristen was engaged with our event attendees and was a genuine pleasure to work with. We also have her beautiful painting displayed in one of Hope Street’s community rooms."
Brian Cooper
Assistant Executive Director, Hope Street Ministry


"Kristen is a thoughtful and dynamic artist and performer. She'll add inspiration and entertainment to any event. The best part is that she's as good a person as she is talented."
Greg Marshall
Chief Storyteller and Producer at CI Design

45-minute painting for senior community

Kristen created a 45-minute live speed painting in March 2020 for residents at Hart Park Square Senior Community. This was not just any 1949 Oldsmobile! In the weeks leading up to a Route 66 party at the senior community center, the activities director began collecting photographs of residents’ first cars as teenagers and young adults. These photographs were then passed onto Kristen to select one to paint. When she arrived to create the live art, the residents knew she was going to paint one of their cars, but had to watch the image unfold to figure out which one it was. At the end, they all clapped for the couple whose car was chosen. The owner (pictured) described how this was the car he drove when he began dating his soon-to-be wife in 1951. 

90-minute painting for art opening

Created in 90 minutes, this 18×24” Starry Night replica was designed to compliment the themed Milwaukee Worldview Art Center art opening, CAVEAT EMPTOR: BUYER BEWARE, which intentionally addressed the tension between original and fake copies of famous masterpieces. Onlookers were able to initiate conversation and ask questions about the piece as Kristen painted.


"It was a pleasure to have Kristen at Worldview Art Center’s recent exhibition. She executed a rendition of Van Gogh’s Starry Night that really complemented the exhibition. Attendees were mesmerized by her process and the painting she created in under two hours. Thank you Kristen. Continued success!"
Erik Eide
Director, Worldview Art Center

45-minute painting for senior community

In January 2020, Kristen brought live speed painting to a senior community for the first time! When designing the experience, she wanted each and every resident, regardless of memory level, to be able to recognize the subject matter of the painting as it came to life. Therefore, she chose something they see everyday: a scene from their community center! Ovation Jewish Home in Mequon has a stunning market center with open space and a gorgeous ceiling detailing the star of David – it was the perfect image to capture (and the live painting performance also took place in the room itself!). Kristen painted for the first 15 minutes with the canvas upside down, and then flipped it so residents could recognize the image. The 45 minute experience was enhanced with live guitar music provided by an employee of Ovation.

45-minute painting for panel discussion

Painted in January of 2019, this piece was done in collaboration with a panel discussion on human trafficking, which included organizations such as Exploit No More and Tirzah Place. The acrylic painting is about 30×40” and was completed in about 45 minutes, accompanied with live music in front of an audience at Brew City Church in Milwaukee.


“Kristen’s presence is peaceful and her art work is beautiful! She is a great addition to any event!”
Jarrett A. Luckett
Executive Director, Exploit No More


“Watching Kristen paint is captivating and seeing the final product is breathtaking!”
Kimberly Krueger
Author, Speaker, FEW Founder


“Kristen is a talented artist, able to capture and transform a moment into a beautiful, memorable, one of a kind masterpiece! I will most definitely be asking her back!”
Jess Chase
FEW CARE Ambassador

45-minute painting for church event

In March 2020, Kristen teamed up with Ingrid Goranson at Northbrook Church to talk about a subject near and dear to Kristen’s heart: how seasons of suffering often transform into something beautiful in time. While Ingrid spoke, Kristen created a 45-minute painting of a woman breaking out of the soil after a season underground. Kristen was then invited to take the mic and talk about the deeper meaning of the piece and tell part of her story with the audience. Photo credit Diana Gahm Photography.

35-minute painting series for church services

In August 2019, Kristen was invited to bring live art to Elmbrook Church, the largest church in the state of Wisconsin. During each of the 3 services one weekend, she created an original painting during the sermons, inspired by the story of Zacchaeus in the Bible. When viewed together, the 3 completed paintings reveal symbols and a narrative aligning with the message of the sermons. 


“Kristen Kieckhaefer’s visual and artistic portrayals of Biblical truth were a wonderful complement to the spoken Word. Her creative and interpretive paintings not only grab your attention and appeal to young and old alike; they make the truth of Scripture come alive.”
Lee Heyward
Lead Pastor at Elmbrook Church

35-minute painting series for church services

The above paintings were created in late 2018 over the course of 5 weeks, in tandem with sermons on the book of Revelation in the Bible at Brew City Church in Milwaukee. Each of the ten 30×40” paintings were completed in 30-40 minutes in front of a live audience.


"I can’t recommend Kristen highly enough for any artistic experience you might be trying to curate. Kristen hosted a live painting experience during a spoken word message, and she was professional, timely and above all, a highly gifted artist. She exceeded my hopes and expectations in every way."
Randy Knie
Lead Pastor at Brew City Church


“Mesmerizing is the first of many words I could use to describe a recent live art performance from Kristen Kieckhaefer that I had the privilege to witness. This incredibly talented artist draws her audience in ... with a dramatic and creative presence that just permeates out of her very being. Ms. Kieckhaefer’s live art performance is a must see as part of Milwaukee’s vibrant art scene!”
MaryAnn Sander
Founder of TrinityYogaFaith


“Kristen has a phenomenal ability to translate the spirit and intent of spoken word into a visual experience. Her interpretations are a compelling third dimension which touch my imagination."
Dianne Wonder
Audience Member


“I’ve had the opportunity to see Kristen speed paint on several occasions. I love the color palettes she selects; she has great artistic instincts. Her seemingly effortless workflow inspires as her work comes to life before your eyes.”
Jeff Fleetwood
Art Director at Outer Rim Studios

30-minute drawing event for women's retreat

This chalk pastel drawing event was created in January 2019 for a GraceBridge Alliance woman’s retreat at Holy Wisdom Monastery near Madison, WI. It is about 25×30” and was completed in about 30 minutes for a small group of women. The goal of the performance was to serve as an invitation for others to join into the creative process.


"Kristen joined us on our Winter Retreat last January. Her live art drawing during our time of reflection and worship was beautiful. It added a whole other dimension to our time together. I highly recommend Kristen for retreats, church events and worship.”
Maria Wilson
Executive Director at Gracebridge Alliance


“I had never watched an artist draw in person, let alone create a full work of art, until observing Kristen Kieckhaefer speed art. It was an incredible emotional experience for me, something I didn’t expect, as the drawing took shape and became a beautiful creation in a matter of minutes. Fully engaged during her drawing, I was inspired and able to connect with art in a way I never had before.”
Rebecca Gehle
Gracebridge Alliance Marketing & Development Specialist


“I experienced Kristen’s live art while on a women’s retreat and it unlocked awe and inspiration that I hadn’t felt in years. To observe her create art is a gift that’s difficult to put into words. In a busy, digital world, Kristen taps into the deep emptiness in our hearts and souls and fills it with real-life beauty, creativity, and hope. The world would be a better place if everyone experienced her art."
Sadie Baile
Founder, Atlys Data & Design

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