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live art packages

120 minute pencil portrait drawing

Looking for an artistic and personal way to honor a special individual at your event? Provide a photograph and Kristen will create a realistic pencil portrait in 120 minutes as family and friends watch the artistic process from beginning to end. In addition to memorable entertainment, the completed artwork serves as a keepsake to treasure for years to come. Guests can later receive a printed copy of the completed artwork. This package is ideal for birthday parties, graduation parties, retirement parties, visitations, or any other event seeking to celebrate a life.

45 minute themed painting

Interested in creating more memorable and engaging events? Be it a speaking engagement, religious service, concert, or fundraiser, pair it with a 45 minute live speed painting and watch the event elevate. Simply provide a theme, quote, or general artistic idea in advance, and Kristen will come create an entirely original artwork that will embody the essence of your event. Guests will witness the creative process from beginning to end and can later receive a printed copy of the completed artwork.

build your own experience

Have another creative idea for how to customize your event with live art? Send Kristen details about your event and vision to begin a conversation and design an original experience. Live art performances can be customized by: 

  • Art medium
    • Kristen has live art experience with graphite pencil, acrylic paint, marker, and chalk pastel.
  • Subject matter
    • Kristen is comfortable creating a variety of subjects, including landscapes, portraits, cars, architecture, etc.
  • Performance time frame
    • Kristen can work with time frames between 20 minutes and several hours. Looking for a performance that goes beyond 2 hours? Additional time can be purchased at an hourly rate.
  • Entertainment pairing options
    • Live art has the versatility to adapt to nearly any event type. What can you imagine?

deluxe wedding package

Know anyone getting married soon and looking for a unique form of entertainment to enhance their day? The deluxe wedding package option includes a series of 3 realistic pencil drawings, all drawn live in real time over the course of the day and inspired by festivities unfolding during the ceremony and reception. Not only are guests invited to watch the artistic process from beginning to end, but the finished drawings later become a keepsake to the couple and serve as a unique form of documentation for their special day. This package includes an entire wedding day of performance time. Guests can later receive a printed copy of the completed artwork.

basic wedding package

The basic wedding package option includes up to 3 hours of performance time. Provide a photograph, and Kristen will copy it in the form of a realistic pencil drawing during cocktail hour or the wedding reception as guests watch. Consider providing a photograph featuring a special memory while dating, the location of a first date, or a photo from an engagement shoot! Guests can later receive a printed copy of the completed artwork.

about live art

Live art is a rare form of entertainment that adapts to enhance any occasion. In order to offer these services of customized art experiences, Elevated Event Art begins with your purpose and parameters. Understanding your event, down to the venue, audience size, and intended outcome will guide the design process. Elevated Event Art also believes that excellent service goes beyond beautiful art, and seeks to create a welcoming and inviting presence for each guest.

Beyond its versatility, live art entertainment stirs the viewer’s soul and intellect in a way few other experiences can achieve. Witnessing basic art materials gradually transform into a beautiful artwork is a rare opportunity that takes many viewers by surprise. You can expect that your audience will remember these unique services and experiential form of entertainment for years to come! In addition to the memories, the gifted artwork will forever be a physical reminder of your special occasion; the image continually bringing you back to that special day. 

what elevates our services

  1. Event and client-driven
  2. Organized, dependable, and professional
  3. Warm, engaging presence with guests
  4. Versatility of art medium and subject matter
  5. High quality art execution 
live artist
  • weddings 
  • cocktail hour
  • fundraisers
  • religious services
  • speaking engagements
  • panel discussions
  • visitations


“I can’t recommend Kristen highly enough for any artistic experience you might be trying to curate. Kristen hosted a live painting experience during a spoken word message, and she was professional, timely and above all, a highly gifted artist. She exceeded my hopes and expectations in every way.”

Randy Knie
Lead Pastor at Brew City Church

Kristen is a thoughtful and dynamic artist and performer. She’ll add inspiration and entertainment to any event. The best part is that she’s as good a person as she is talented.”

Greg Marshall
Chief Storyteller and Producer at CI Design
Kristen has a phenomenal ability to translate the spirit and intent of spoken word into a visual experience. Her interpretations are a compelling third dimension which touch my imagination.”
Dianne Wonder
Audience Member
Kristen’s presence is peaceful and her art work is beautiful! She is a great addition to any event!”
Jarrett A. Luckett
Executive Director, Exploit No More
“Watching Kristen paint is captivating and seeing the final product is breathtaking!”
Kimberly Krueger
Author, Speaker, FEW Founder

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